Friday, October 30, 2009



We have been asked to enter into prayer and fasting with the Russian Bapt. Union regarding new legislation being pushed through Russian congress. If it does pass, our missy activities and the regular Chr. life of Russian Bapt. will be severely restricted:

1. Children under the age of 14 would not be allowed to attend ch’ch without express written permission of parents.

2. Missy’s would be restricted to preach/teach only within Bapt. ch’ch buildings with a letter of permission from sending and receiving organization for the specific dates he is to preach.

3. Rehabilitation centers would be shut down. No Bapt. could work in places of ministry outside the ch’ch building.

4. Ch’ches would not be allowed to offer ESL classes, VBS, or any other social work.

5. Preachers will have to give invitations that do not to appear to be influential.

6. Foreigners who come to be involved in missy activities would have to have religious visas ONLY, not tourist or any other.

7. Bapt. ch’ch members sharing their faith would become a crime.

Please join in intercession with our local Bapt. brothers that the Father will give wisdom and common sense to those making these decisions in the next few days.