Saturday, December 20, 2008

Engaging the PGs of Russia

Over the last few weeks we have been praying over the vast number of cities and People Groups (PGs) in Russia that we have yet to engage with the Gospel. With the reshuffling of the IMB into Affinity Groups, rather than Regions, there is an increased emphasis on the many Unreached People Groups (UPGs).

A recent revisiting of a list of the PGs in Russia revealed that of the 10 largest non-Russian, non-Muslem UPGs in Russia - we are currently engaging only one of them with any type of personnel or witness (way to go Jack Gilliland- our VSC with 2nd largest - the Udmurt).

We currently have a serious campaign taking shape to engage the Chuvash (the largest of these groups with 1.8 million). This initiative will expand over the next few weeks and months to include others of these UPGs.

Right now, we are asking you to pray. Pray for the UPGs listed below. Pray that the Lord would send a key partner or an onsite M or whatever to help share the Good News with these many peoples. Pray that the Lord would make it clear how He would have YOU join HIM in Engaging Russia.

Chuvash 1.8 million -- Udmurt 770,000 -- Mordvin-Erzya 612,000 -- Low Mari 525,000 -- Ossetian 462,000 -- Yakut 439,000 -- Mordvin-Moksha 428,000 -- Komi-Zyrian 345,000 -- Tuvin 312,000 -- Vlach Romani 180,000 - - - -



Saturday, December 6, 2008

Chuvash Videos ready for download!

If you have not already done so, take a few minutes, scroll down to the Chuvash videos below and watch them.

Each of these videos, PLUS - Tim and Marc's Lottie Moon video, bulletin inserts and a 7-day prayer guide for the Chuvash are now available for download.

Again, the official website will be up VERY soon, but for now you can download each of these items at

The first directory will give you options for: streaming video, downloadable video, and print materials.

When you click on the 'downloadable video' you can download any of the 3 videos in high quality or click on the 'smaller sizes' link and find the same videos in smaller file sizes easier download (but of course, the quality isn't quite as good).

Praying that the Lord will use this to help reach the Chuvash with the Good News.

Thanks for praying and joining us as we continue to Engage Russia!


Friday, December 5, 2008

Chuvash Videos ready for Lottie Moon

Marc has been laboring long and hard this week to prepare the set of videos on the Chuvash People of Russia.

These videos tell a great story of one of the least evangelized people groups in Russia, and I hope you will take advantage of them this Lottie Moon Christmas Offering season by showing them in your churches, Sunday School classes and small groups.

The official Engage Russia website is going to be up and running very soon!
I got a glimpse of it today and it looks amazing.
Until the website is up, Marc will be posting these and other videos right here on the Engage Russia Journals. So watch and enjoy.

Stay tuned and join us as we Engage Russia with the Good News of Jesus Christ!


Chuvash-Part One: Introduction & Cheboksary

Chuvash-Part Two: The Chuvash People and Culture

Chuvash-Part Three: Baptist Work Among the Chuvash

Part Four: Chuvash People Prayer Guide